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03 February 2014

"Tiro Certo," a Brazillian firearms magazine, decided to use one of my photos for their cover (without asking I might add).

26 January 2014

A Danish F-16 taxis back after performing for a full house at Nellis AFB

Remove Before Flight

An F-16 sits on the ramp before a demonstration flight

P-51 "February" awaits clearance to taxi

F-4 Phantom displaying its awesome power at Nellis AFB

An F-16 Thunderbird performs in front of a crowd at Nellis AFB

Tactical Air Command Tail Flash

Army Air Corps Heritage

A C-17 Globemaster III performs for an airshow crowd in California

T-6 Texan II preparing for a flight

Fat Albert demonstrates a max performance take off

T-1 Jayhawk taxis back from a flight

Supermarine Spitfire turns toward the airfield

F-4 Phantom waiting for restoration at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Genuine Curtiss Propeller

US Palm body armor with H&K Mark 23

Partially burned down shack east of Amboy, CA

H&K Mark 23 with Wilcox LAM

Roy's Motel in Amboy, CA on the way to Las Vegas

H&K Mark 23 with Wilcox LAM, extra magazines and Bawidamann knife

H&K Mark 23 with Wilcox LAM

Minot State University Beavers

Bulgarian AK-74 with suppressor and Bakelite magazines